Daniel F. Sully

email: daniel dash resume AT electricrain DOT com
web: http://electricrain.com/daniel/


September 2010 - Present
    Staff Software Engineer on the Tools Team
  • Created Python development infrastructure & initial libraries.

Powerset, Inc. acquired by Microsoft, July 2008.
July 2007 - September 2010
    Software Development Engineer II on the Section Scoring Team:
  • Created tools to ingest HTML documents for machine learning feature generation.
  • Implemented Rails application for contract annotators to evaluate & judge documents for model training.
    Software Development Engineer II on the Content Pipeline Team:
  • Maintained Java codebase responsible for indexing Wikipedia content.
    Senior System Engineer on the Platform Team:
  • Designed and built a flexible software stack in C with Ruby & Python bindings for efficiently handling large volumes of time-series data.
  • Created a monitoring framework to handle both system & application level alerts using the Thrift RPC libraries.
  • Built a dashboard for visualizing application level metrics & monitoring for critical production system data.
  • Maintainer of a variety of infrastructure level packages, including Xen, and Thrift-RPC.

Senior Software Engineer, Slim Devices Inc. acquired by Logitech Inc. October 2006.
November 2004 - April 2007
  • Led team of ~10 Open Source developers contributing to SlimServer.
  • Responsible for 5 major releases of SlimServer, and many minor ones.
  • Refactored server architecture from using in-memory hashes to a abstracted object-relational API.
  • Cross platform support of a large (56k lines) codebase.
  • Unicode Character Handling for metadata tags & filesystem access.
  • Server optimizations & performance turning, including memory footprint reduction.
  • Started inline documentation project for code & APIs.
  • Created release & build tools.
  • Initiated test framework & code coverage creation.
  • SqueezeNetwork coding, infrastructure & deployment.
  • MP3, Ogg, FLAC & WMA server side support.
  • ReplayGain server side support & tag extraction.
    IT/Ops duties:
  • Deployment of infrastructure for all machines for SqueezeNetwork, Corporate website & Corporate internal.
  • Automated Debian Linux controls using cfengine & FAI.
  • Monitoring for the Squeezenetwork systems - service & website.
  • Migrated legacy services to new controlled machines.
  • Implemented a centralized OpenLDAP server which handles Postfix, VPN & internal authentication lookups.
  • Deployed new corporate firewall, IPSec, DNS & DHCP services.
  • Took ownership of Asterisk VoIP server.

Ariba Supplier Network Operations Engineer, Ariba Inc.
September 1999 - November 2004
  • Built a fully redundant, 3-tier application architecture for handling large-dollar volume B2B transactions.
  • Designed and implemented automated Unix server installation and maintenance infrastructure using CFEngine & Jumpstart.
  • Monitoring infrastructure for product specific monitoring & metrics, in addition to standard system based monitoring.

Software Engineer, @Home Inc.
March 1999 - September 1999
  • Expanded and enhanced WebSpace server monitors through a NetX API.
  • Wrote automated testing for verification of FTP servers against RFC 959, security testing, and specific @Home user functionality.
  • Evaluated and implemented a transition from wu-ftpd to the ProFTPd server.
  • Patched ProFTPd to support @Home multi-level hashed user directories.

System Administrator/Developer, Sterling Software/Numerical Aerospace Simulation, NASA Ames Research Center
October 1997 - March 1999
  • Maintained & enhanced the "webd" real-time file mirroring architecture.
  • NASBot: Web Crawling Link Checker for internal content.
  • Created Apache::AuthenRadius - a mod_perl authentication handler via RADIUS server.
  • Responsible for the configuration & implementation of a RedHat Linux roll-out to user workstations.

System Administrator/Technical Support, CCO Inc. now Connect Corp Inc.
July 1995 - September 1997
  • Setup and maintained Web, Mail, NNTP, Livingston Portmaster2 Terminal servers & modem pool.
  • Developed static and dynamic web content for customers.
  • Handled customer telephone support and network setup.

Open Source:


Programming: Perl 5/XS, Python Ruby, C, some C++, Java & Scala
Everything else: Apache, mod_perl, Catalyst, OpenSSL, gcc, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, git, Subversion, Perforce, CVS

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